lawsuit against IMG academy

IMG Academy´s Doctor and Nurse Sued in Death of Adolescent

By Daniel Hawn

Published on February 15, 2006

The estate of Christian Chalita filed the lawsuit against Dr. Joseph Soler and Nurse Carol Yarosz Tomlinson who work out of Bradenton, Florida. for IMG Academies. According to the suit, Chalita passed out while exercising on a treadmill at IMG academy, a private school for aspiring professional athletes, in October 2004.

Chalita was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The lawsuit filed Friday accuses Soler and Yarosz Tomlinson of failing to perform a comprehensive physical examination of Chalita. It further accuses the two of failing to oversee Chalita's workout regimen and failing to identify his heart condition, in spite of having been informed that Chalita's father died when he was 32 years old of possible heart trouble, the suit states.

Tests that were conducted on Chalita after his death revealed that he had an irregularly shaped heart.

Chalita had been enrolled at IMG academy since fall 2002. The month prior to his death, he successfully completed a physical examination.

Chalita's mother earlier filed a lawsuit against IMG academy, accusing its staff of failing to adequately monitor her son's activities at the time of his death.